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Today is the release day of our new site. We’re a step closer to our goal. Since 2015, under the name HB Secret Productions, we’re striving to get more and better sample packs on the market. Now in 2020 we changed our trade name to Soundfreq. But there is more. In this blog you will find 5 new features which we have implemented in our shop: Free demos, music shop playback, better insights in products, preview samples & presets and high quality sounds.

1. Free demos (coming soon)

We always include an audio preview to show you what a sound pack can deliver you for your next track, but just a preview might not be enough. That’s why a free demo function will be implemented. This feature gives you a small version of the full package, so you can check out if it fits to your liking!

2. Music playback

The second feature is the music playback function. Browse through the sample packs and listen to the included audio preview to hear what’s in the pack instantly!

3. Better insights in products

With our new description system, you will learn more about the package you’re interested in. There are visuals included aswell as a high detailed description. You can also see which videos are connected to the product by clicking on ‘videos’ next to ‘Insights’.

4. Preview samples & presets

Asside from the free demo available for download, you can preview some of the presets right away. Scroll down in the description to see the audio players.

5. High quality sounds

We’re always working on improving our products. In the future we will work with upcoming artists and thereby increasing the quality and quanitity of the packs!

Want to see these features? Just check out our new shop and see if there’s a sound pack that fits to your style!
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